The Deep Cycle Reactor is a custom plate photobioreactor designed for Deep Cycle (2010), an art installation by curator Max Goldfarb that included performances, readings, interviews and incidents by artists, writers, designers and theorists addressing the subject of a ‘post-oil’ landscape. The Deep Cycle Reactoruses microalgae to purify the interior environment of Goldfarb's mobile communications unit M49, converting carbon dioxide to oxygen while simultaneously proposing a future source of zero-emissions algae biofuel for the vehicle. The Deep Cycle Reactor draws from key works within the field of art and ecology, such as Revival Field (1990-93), in which the artist Mel Chin collaborated with research scientists, curators, and corporations to remediate brownfield sites with specific plant species. Like Revival Field, the DCR is a functional art piece whose engagement with technology and ecology blurs traditional disciplinary boundaries.