Rammed Earth N51 is a sixty-foot-long freestanding rammed earth wall conceived of and designed by MIT Master of Architecture candidate Joe Dahmen. The wall was built on the MIT campus by a team of students and staff at MIT during the summer of 2005.

The project combines research on historical and contemporary rammed earth methods with material research undertaken in the geotechnical laboratory at MIT. The prototype wall reclaims a neglected outdoor space for the MIT School of Architecture and Planning while providing evidence about the aesthetics and longevity of rammed earth in New England.


More on this project in Who's afraid of raw earth? Experimental wall in New England and the environmental cost of stabilization


Project Credits

Principal Investigator / Designer
Joe Dahmen

Project Team
Teagan Andres, Charles Mathis, Omar Rabie, and Shuji Suzumori

John Ochsendorf, MIT Assistant Professor of Building Technology

Project Sponsors
Boston Society of Architects
Architectural League of New York
Sasaki Associates, Inc.
MIT School of Architecture and Planning
MIT Council for the Arts
MIT Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Edgerton Center MIT
Schlossman Research Fellowship
MIT Graduate Students Office
MIT Police
MIT Chancellor's Office

on Village St. at Massachussetts Ave.
Cambridge, Massachussetts