Installed in the main space of Western Gallery (Western Washington University), AFJD public furniture is a blend of mushroom spores and sawdust which are grown in moulds to produce sustainable materials called mycelium biocomposites. The honeycomb design reflects a fabrication process in which individually moulded hexagonal blocks are grown together to produce larger forms. This mushroom furniture suggests a future in which biodegradable architectural components are grown rather than manufactured.

On Sunday, August 14, 2016 a discussion about the project with Joe Dahmen (Assistant Professor at UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture) and his partner, Amber Frid-Jimenez (Research Chair in Design and Technology at Emily Carr University of Art and Design) was hosted at the gallery.


Projects Credits

Lead Designers
AFJD Studio

Production TeamYan Luo
Joe O’Brien
Joomi Seo
Lianne Zannier
Daichi Yamashita
PengFei Du
Matthis Grunsky
Misha D

BC Hydro